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I was fighting a case on my own for many years, until one day I went to the unemployment office to get my son a summer job. I ran into a guy named Bill, that was a veterans rep that I had used when I got out the military in 1991, hadn't seen him in years after 1991. One day I brought up my situation as far as fighting for my situation with the military and compensation. He referred me to Gumpenberger legal services and in a 3 year or maybe 4 year span Gumpenberger legal services, not only helped me when my case, his organization got me what I was rightfully entitled to and exceeded beyond what I expected. People at the VA HOSPITAL, in West Haven CT spoke highly of him and his organization. Without his help and his teams help I wouldn't be in a good situation that I fought so hard alone to try and get, then he and his team came along and made all my fight much easier and gratifying. I've reached out to veterans that don't get what they rightfully deserve and also recommended Gumpenberger legal advice. Gumpenberger and his associates are for the good of the people. And after completing and winning my case. He still helps me if I call and need him. Hands down he is for people that don't know their rights or need help on what they are entitled to. My word right now is bonded. Super people him and all his staff.

Dear Allen,

“Greeting! Thank you so much for a wonderful job You’ve done for me. Words cannot express my gratitude. I look forward to meeting you in the Fall. Please let me know if there is anything at all that I maybe able to do for YOU!! I’m already referring other veterans to your services.”

Thank you So Much,


After having my claim denied twice, I was feeling very discouraged until a friend told me about Allen Gumpenberger. Allen was able to take all of my documentation and present an argument that eventually led to a favorable decision by the BVA. I can confidently say that “You can’t go wrong by going with Gumps Legal. Thanks Allen!

I am one of those Vietnam Vets that were quickly processed out and swept under the rug. I suffered from PTSD and Agent Orange symptoms but my doctors did not know what was wrong with me and just gave me pills. Fortunately I met another vet who told me that he thought I had PTSD and should apply for a disability. I made the mistake of filling out the forms and submitting the claim myself and it took me more than 3 years before I was evaluated and given a rating of 30%. I felt this rating was too low since I was taking doctor’s pills at the time. So, I decided to contact Allen Gumpenberger for some help. It turned out to be a great decision. Allen was a very skilled and supportive advocate for my cause and I was quickly awarded a 70% rating. I was very pleased with this outcome, until the stress from my job as a teacher was making my PTSD symptoms worse and I became concerned about the safety of my students. So I quit my job and went to work part-time. Allen was there again to support me and provide the necessary skills to process my claim which awarded me with entitlement to Individual Unemployability(IU) at the rate of 100% for service-connected permanent and total disability. None of this would have been possible without the support and help of Allen.

As a former Retired VSO VA Employee, I knew my claim for unemployability would be difficult at best, due to the complex nature of multiple injuries. I knew enough to avoid these “new” legal firms promising their “expertise” since the VA system was not in their educational training. I new of Al and his extensive knowledge. Yesterday I rec’d the unemployment award that I thought I was eligible for. Now I & my wife will worry less. I feel he IS the BEST period/No Doubt. If your disabilities and their impact are important to both You & your Family, PLEASE talk to Al. Words cannot express my deepest appreciation of Him!

I am a retired veterans service officer (2004) for the Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Connecticut. I have recommended several veterans and or their dependants to Mr. Gumpenberger for his assistance regarding claims they had placed with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of those claims are still ongoing and some have been completed. In both cases, I have received calls from those referrals to Gumps Legal with positive reactions about the results attained or the actions being taken. I would not hesitate to recommend Allen Gumpenberger to anyone needing help involving any issue regarding claims with the VA.

Allow me to offer a thumbnail sketch of myself as a preface to this testament to the professional abilities of a uniquely qualified veterans’ advocate. Allen Gumpenberger I am a retired Technical Sergeant who served on active duty with the USAF from 1948 to 1968. I have been an active member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) since my retirement from the Air Force and I have served in various elected offices at the Chapter and Department (State) level culminating with my election as State Commander in 1990. Subsequent to my term of office as the State Commander, I was elected the State Treasurer of the DAV, Concurrent with my duties as Treasurer, I served on the Financial, Executive, Rehabilitation and various ad hoc committees with Allen Gumpenberger. This provided me the opportunity to observe Allen on a regular, recurring basis. I found Allen to be a well-rounded administrator with a keen analytical mind. He is of high moral and ethical standards. Allen is fair and just in his dealings with his clients as well with his contemporaries and the public. For the record, I was rated 100% service connected disabled veteran when I first met Allen Gumpenberger. Thus, he did not represent me, as I had no need for his service as a veteran’s advocate. I cannot say enough good words about Allen. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, I would rate Allen as a 12. He is a competent administrator and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you for the opportunity to offer my comment on a dedicated and outstanding veterans’ advocate.

Several years ago, despite the fact that nothing had changed in my life, AND that I had already been collecting IU benefits for a couple of years, the VA decided to rescind my IU benefits that they had already granted me. Other organizations were stymied by the VA bureaucracy, but Allen Gumpenberger was able to help me regain my IU benefits with full backpay, by God’s grace. I was thrilled that Allen was able to convince the VA Appeals Court to correct the error. His fee was well earned and I had no issue with paying him for a job well done. Thank you, again, Allen!! God bless you for your help!!!!!!!

I was in Iraq in 05 and Afghanistan in 05. When I decided to go through the disability claim process I would ask numerous who the best service officer was and I kept getting the same name. Allen Gumpenberger. I have only good things to say about the services he has provided to me and other veterans I know. As somebody who helps veterans for a living now, I consistently refer veterans to him because I know he will get back to them in a timely manner and he knows what the VA is looking for. He knows what questions to ask, what to write and how for veterans to make an effective claim. He can make the bureaucratic process of applying for compensation easy. I recommend his service to any veteran.

Mr. Gumpenberger never gave up on me. I’m a WWII Navy Combat veteran and was ready to give up, but he encouraged me to press on. He stood by me when I got frustrated and made the arguments, helped me through the exams and we finally won. Thank you