Commonly Used VA Forms

The law requires that veterans use the forms prescribed by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs when applying for compensation benefits.  To navigate to the VA website for a search engine to find a particular form not listed here, click here.

VA Form 21-526EZ – Initial Application for Compensation

VA Form 21-686(c) – Application to add Dependents

VA Form 21-8940 – Application for Individual Unemployability

VA Form 21-4142 – Authorization to release private medical records

VA Form 21-4192 – Request for Employer Information for claim for Individual Unemployability)

VA Form 21-0781 (PTSD Stressor Questionnaire)

VA Form 21-4138 (Statement in Support of Claim)

VA Form 21-534EZ (Application for Dependency Indemnity Compensation and Accrued Benefits.